Biden will not be on the New Hampshire primary ballots. Some Democrats still want to give him a victory

A group of over 100 Democratic organizers in New Hampshire has launched a campaign to vote for President Biden in the upcoming presidential primary in the state.

Biden did not put his name on the ballot for the traditionally first-in-the-nation primary because the National Democratic Party Committee revised its calendar, placing South Carolina first instead. New Hampshire and Nevada now come second in the new order.

The National Democratic Party Committee claims that this transition will allow a more diverse state to vote first in the presidential elections.

Democrats are voting for a change in the 2024 presidential primary calendar, but challenges remain POLITICS Democrats are voting for a change in the 2024 presidential primary calendar, but challenges remain Participate in the "Write-in Biden" campaign, which includes a group of top Democratic leaders in New Hampshire and other prominent figures, including documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. This strategy serves as a workaround for the new primary election calendar set by the National Democratic Party Committee, allowing the state to maintain its first-in-the-nation primary status while still involving Biden.

"We are going to take the opportunity to say to Democrats, 'Yes, you should go and vote, and you should go and vote for Joe Biden, even if it means writing in Joe Biden and checking the write-in box,'" said Kathy Sullivan, former chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party and a member of the National Democratic Party Committee who is involved in the pre-primary campaign.

The calendar change has faced resistance from some residents of New Hampshire. The state's law requires the Granite State to hold the first primary for both political parties.

"We, as Democrats, value our democracy, and in a sense, what the National Democratic Party Committee wanted to do became irrelevant," said David Watters, a state senator and one of the organizers of these efforts. "We have a state law that says we are the first primary in the country. That's a law we follow."

The announcement of the "Write-in Biden" campaign comes a few days after Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips announced his bid for the Democratic nomination. He filed for inclusion on the New Hampshire ballot, which will likely pose a challenge since Biden's name will not be printed there.

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However, Watters said he and other organizers don't understand why Phillips would run against Biden.

"I think we're just puzzled," Watters said. "I wouldn't call it a vanity project, but, you know, he supports all of the president's issues. So personally, I don't understand it."

Phillips expressed concerns that 80-year-old Biden might not be able to defeat a likely Republican candidate, former President Donald Trump. He also stated that it's time for the party to look to the future.

Biden is planning to visit Minnesota on Wednesday to discuss his administration's rural spending. Phillips is hitting the campaign trail in New Hampshire as Biden lands in his home state.